The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society
International Constitution

ARTICLE 1. General Club Overview

The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society (ASPS) is an international network of college-level chapters dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of albino squirrels worldwide. The club was formed in April of 2001 at the University of Texas.


"I pledge to uphold the objects of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society, to foster compassion and goodwill towards albino squirrels, and to dedicate myself to the protection of all squirrels, especially those that are albino."

ARTICLE 3. Organizational Structure

Each chapter must be officially registered with a college or university before being considered as part of the ASPS family. Within each club, there is to be a President and officers to assist the President. The number of officers is to be determined by the President, as are the individual officer titles. The ASPS President may remain in office until his/her graduation, upon which he/she will choose a worthy successor. Overseeing all ASPS chapters will be the ASPS International Board led by the International President.

ARTICLE 4. Membership Requirements

Members must consist of students, teachers, and/or staff members of the college to which the chapter is registered (though others may be given "honorary member" status by the President.) Prospective members must complete an official application before joining the club. This application is to be administered by the President (often via e-mail) and should request basic information such as: name, major, e-mail address, and why the applicant wishes to join the club. The President may also include a voluntary request for website quotes from each applicant. The President is the sole decision-maker for membership.

ARTICLE 5. Chapter Expectations

Each chapter is given flexibility in how it chooses to pursue the ASPS mission. Successful past activities have included such things as: squirrel feeding expeditions, daytime campouts on campus (to promote club awareness), recruitment drives (via recruitment tables, flyers, ASPS stickers, etc.), joint projects with other campus organizations, and various social activities. A web site is also highly recommended with links to fellow ASPS chapters (help is available for doing this). Many chapters also choose to produce ASPS membership cards and t-shirts for their members. All chapters are expected to conduct their activities in an honorable fashion in accordance with the virtues of the ASPS.


Dustin Ballard - International President
Gary Chang - Assistant to the President
T.J. Zambrano - International Trustee

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