Promoting Your Club

Section 1: Recruitment Tables

Most schools allow clubs to set up tables on campus (either at designated events or year-round). This is a great way to sign up interested members who you can e-mail applications to. It's also a good place to pass out ASPS stickers, etc.

Section 2: Flyers/Posters

Flyers and posters are excellent at raising general awareness.

Section 3: Media Attention

Always notify your local media before major ASPS events. Newspapers and TV stations often feed off of each other for story ideas, so you might be surprised at the coverage you will get. School newspapers are particularly good for campus awareness.

Section 4: Miscellaneous

Be creative. At the University of Texas chapter, paper squirrels were tacked to trees around campus. At our North Texas chapter, students are adding a "name the albino squirrel" referendum to the election ballot. The possibilities are endless.

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