ASPS Members


Dustin Ballard

Michelle Beebower
Defender of Squirrels

Matt Casserly
Director of Squirrel Affairs

Stephanie Sisco
Activist for Squirrel Equality

James Carmichael
Secretary of War

Nathan Howell
Events Coordinator

Justin Watley
Squirrel Feeder

Roger Lee
Secretary of Inter-Squirrel Relations

Amanda Young
Director of Squirrel Intelligence

Katherine Polston
Squirrel Rights Activist

Anna Maslova
Czarina of Squirrels

Other ASPS Members

(And their Inspirational Quotes)

Alyssa Armentrout
Advertising Major
Sherman, TX
"Just because they're albino, doesn't mean they aren't squirrels just like you and me."

Stephanie Sisco
Biology Major
Kaufman, TX
"It is my belief that albino squirrels are a greatly overlooked minority in today's animal society. It is our responsibility to ensure that these wonderful animals are not discriminated by other members of the animal kingdom simply based on the color of their fur."

Regina Lung
Education Major
Plano, TX
"I believe that preserving the albino squirrel is a very honorable and worthwhile mission for UT students to undertake."

Anders Hagler
Spanish Major
Denton, TX
"Till the day that such desecration would be prudent to come forth on our moment of need, would be an abomination to all yet unforeseen by the great monstrosity that be it to all. VIVA Squirrels"

Roger Lee
Liberal Arts Major
Houston, TX
"Some people don't believe that albino squirrels really exist, and I think that that is sad. When I first saw one it changed my life in amazing ways, ways I want all people to know about."

Amy Jo Allen
Liberal Arts Major
Olney, IL
"Albino squirrels?? What the hell? I thought I was filling out a credit card application!"

Ashley Reid
Advertising Major
Dallas, TX
"Albino Squirrels are the most important part of the UT traditions."

Larissa Bright
Biology Major
Arlington, TX
"Squirrels are at the very heart of nature. Being both cuddly and fierce, cruel and kind, wild and fierce, they represent a parallel of our very own human soul. That is why the preservation of these beautiful animals is so vital to our full understanding of the world around us."

Shannon Shipley
Studio Art Major
Bastrop, TX
"Albino squirrels...the cutest little guys you ever did see!"

Lauren "Laurenburger" Oliver
Plan II Major
Austin, TX
"They may not have red eyes, but they're sure cooler than regular squirrels!"

Michael Davis
Computer Science Major
Austin, TX
"And so he was raised on high, his bushy white tail a shining beacon for all those around him..." Squirrels 26:04

Dale F. Butler
Molecular Biology Major
Fairfax, VA
"Albino squirrels are a rare mutant species and should be protected and appreciated."

Ashley Carr
Psychology Major
Levelland, TX
"The albino squirrel in its current plight represents the moral decay of our society. To save the albino squirrels is to save ourselves!"

Nicki Sauls
Psychology Major
Fort Worth, TX
"I've heard of, but have never seen one. I was hoping to befriend a squirrel during my years at UT. This might be my chance."

Charles Britt
Biology Major
Dallas, TX
"Looks like someone got crazy with the spray paint."

Sara Cooper
Business Major
Houston, TX
"The presence of albino squirrels on UT's campus adds uniqueness; therefore we must protect the squirrels. "

Jana Thompson
Math Major
Austin, TX
"I vote we replace Larry Faulkner with the albino squirrel."

John Sullivan
Biology Major
Houston, TX
"Let's preserve biodiversity!"

Nidia Jimenez
Biology Major
Fort Worth, TX
"Albino Squirrels are kick ass, and pretty trippy!!!!"

Aditi Chaphekar
Molecular Bilogy Major
Austin, TX
"Albino squirrels are the best :-)"

Scott Wendland
MIS and Psychology Major Taft, TX
"Albino is all-I-know!"

Abby Lott
Czech Major
Gettysburg, PN
"They may be different but that is what makes them special."

Jason Akoni Mendiola
Liberal Arts Major
"Albino squirrels prefer peanut m&m's."

Joseph Adams
Liberal Arts Major
Houston, TX
"I have been told by a friend that albino squirrels prefer peanut m&m's."

Katie Woody
Communications Major
Lockhart, TX
"Albino squirrels are the masterminds of the entire squirrel population. What other kind of squirrel can give you good luck (and rabies) before a test?"

Bobby Nguyen
Communication Studies Major
Houston, TX
"Albino Squirrels are the magical creatures of UT-Austin. They're like a mix between the Trix rabbit and the Lucky Charm's leprechaun. Except Albino Squirrels aren't rabbits or leprechauns."

Photojournalism/Sociology Major
Houston'ish, TX
"I like albino squirrels because they like nuts too."

Jackie Moryan
Liberal Arts Major
Denton, TX
"Albino Squirrels are the most intelligent fastest moving squirrels in the United States and Sub Saharan Africa."

Ruth-Ann Fenske
Denton, TX
"Albino squirrels are better off than those other ones because in winter they blend in with the snow...they are camoflauged and the predators can't eat them. But I guess those guys still need a little help."

Piyapong Sangpattrachai
Accounting Major
Bangkok, Thailand
"There's nuttin' wrong with albino squirrels."

Bryan Garwood
"Business Route to Music" Major
San Jose, Costa Rica
"I once had an albino gerbil. I am dedicating my membership and my efforts to his memory. This is for you Chip!!!!"

Clint Carrens
Public Communication Major
Port Neches, TX
Mr. T says "I pity the foo' who doesn't preserve the albino squirrel!"

Melanie Gleason
Social Work Major
Lowell, MA
"Squirrels help cleanse the soul."

Chrissy Ragan
Journalism Major
Carrollton, TX
"To save the albino squirrel is to save what's left of this world's innocence."

Melanie Mowry
Microbiology Major
The Woodlands, TX
"And on the eighth day, God created albino squirrels..."

Tatiana Hinofotis
Chemical/Environmental Engineering Major
The Woodlands, TX

"How doth the little albino squirrel
Improve his shining tail
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws."

Benita Mahanta
MIS Major
Sugar Land, TX
"An albino squirrel is...a man's best friend?"

Carrie Lewis
Psychology Major
Carrollton, TX
"The Albino squirrel is a poignant symbol of our times, of the sad plight of nature due to evil, oppresive technology. Help us save nature, starting with all the world's small white squirrels, after all, don't your children deserve the treat of seeing albino squirrels too?!"

Carrie Schade
Women in Engineering Program
Madison, New York
"The mysticism of the albino squirrels holds great power over our campus. Let's honor and respect these creatures for all time. Perhaps the likeness of the albino squirrel can be added to the official seal of UT! Long live albinos!"

Chris Chetwood
Government Major
San Antonio, TX
"Peanut M&M's seem to be the chocolate treat squirrels like most."

Jordan Abel
Music Major
Houston, TX
"To be or not to be an albino squirrel, that is the question."

Charles Sung
Honors Chemical Engineering Major
Houston, TX
"Deep down, we are ALL albino squirrels."

Bonnie Matthews
Advertising Major
El Campo, TX
Click HERE for Bonnie's Story

Tiffanie Fennell
Psychology Major
Denton, TX
"They're so cute!"

Isaac Julian
Economics Major
Dallas, TX
"In addition to protecting the members of the existing albino squirrel population, we must all do our part to help maintain the numbers of this magnificent species. Bleach a squirrel today!" [Note: the ASPS does not officially condone the bleaching of squirrels]

Jesus Hernandez
Biology Major?
El Paso, TX
"I suddenly saw a flash of silver bright light...and then I saw him, streaking across the treetops with the speed of a.... ummm......err......he was fast as hell. I only hope that I can employ my inferior intellect in helping to find a way of somehow aiding this furry friend in surviving and living a happy life."

Sharon Lee
Microbiology B.S.
Dallas, TX
"Someone has to take care of them!!"

Oleg Balter
Liberal Arts Major
Plano, TX
"Even Monkeys fall off trees."

John Lowery
English Major
Midlothian, TX
"What's worse is I told her I liked her. Not I like her, but I love her. I cried my eyes out on the phone for two hours when she told me, "John, I'm not real, I'm just this squirrel you saw on the south mall today and you want to make out with. I'm gonna be honest with you, you're not even talking to anyone right now. You picked up the phone and dialed seventeen 2's. That beeping that stopped a long time ago was telling you to hang up the phone." "You're lying," I cried in anger. "LYING!!" "

Robert Reynolds
Psychology/Pre-Med Major
Cleveland, TX
"Albino Squirrels symbolize all that splendor and magic encompassed by the uniqueness of their nature. Their preservation ensures the continuation of a rich tradition of albino squirrel watching here at UT. Save the squirrels!

Jeff Eberhard
Chemistry Major
Magnolia, TX
"I once had a pet squirrel named Skittles... it wasn't albino though."

Justin Schultz
Government/History Major
Houston, TX
"My mother was an albino squirrel, so I feel like when I see them, I am seeing my family."

Melissa Miller
Plan II / History Major
Denton, TX
"I empathize with the plight of the albino squirrel, because, due to my pale skin, I have received albino discrimination as well."

Matthew Wright
Linguistics Major
Texarkana, TX
"If colorless green ideas can sleep furiously, colorless squirrels should be given the same right!"

Suzanne Schmidt
Corporate Communication Major
San Antonio, TX
"With all the craziness in the world today, it is always nice to know that you've got the albino on your side."

Shannon Lincoln
Psychology Major?
Boerne, TX
"Whether you are a boy or a girl, life would suck without the Albino Squirrel."

Joshua Pero
Liberal Arts Major
Beaumont, TX
"Ever since that albino squirrel saved my life, I have dedicated my time here at the university to preserving, protecting and promotoing these wonderful animals. They may very well be the evolutionary goal of all life as we know it."

Margaret Myrick
English Major
Texarkana, TX
"When you need a lift... close your eyes... and picture a squirrel in a suit and tie!"

Charles Vestal
RTF Major
Dallas, TX
"I think I may be becoming an albino squirrel myself. My skin is a pasty white, my eyes are losing their color, and my tail: it's frickin' bushy."

Emily Sitton
Liberal Arts Major
Sugar Land, TX
"I saw them the day before classes started last semester, when I was on academic probation. I knew they would bring me
good luck and they did! I now have a 3.5 GPA and am doing great at UT. :)"

Sean Patrick Forkner
Asian Studies Major
Clifton TX
"I originally came to UT because on my first visit to the campus I witnessed a squirrel sitting among a circle of students on the South Mall eating a slice of pizza with them. I knew that any place where the squirrels were that content was where I wanted to be."

Aubrey Colvard
Undeclared Major
San Antonio, TX
"Albino Squirrels are cool!"

Dave Rupert
Japanese Major
Pasadena, TX
"Though personally I've never seen it, I know I can attribute all my A's in my college career to that magical little squirrel seeing me as I went to my class. Help preserve the Albino Squirrel, the cornerstone of good luck at the University of Texas."

Joey Clements
Mechanical Engineering Major
Amarillo, TX
"It's your world albino, I'm just trying to get a nut."

Erica Bullis
RTF Major
Austin, TX
"Albino squirrels are the most beautiful animals and are so mysterious."

Pre-med Major
Corpus Christi, TX
"The persecution that these creatures are receiving from other animals, such as pigeons, and other normal brown squirrels is unlawful and herendous. We must put a stop to it!"

William Ansley
Human Biology Major
San Antonio, TX
"A flying squirrel is what happens when a regular squirrel digivolves. An albino squirrel is what happens when it digivolves wrong."

Stephanie Bates
Biology and English Major
Austin, TX
[unsure of a quote worthy of the albino squirrel]

Quoc Tran
BS Computer Science Major
Austin, TX
"Speak not of the albino squirrel except in the most hushed and reverent tones, lest, like all dreams, it disappears in streams of gossamer threads or drifting bits of tail fur, floating away on the currents of history."

Carmen Seitan
French and Japanese Major
Houston, TX
"The albino squirrel is a dream made reality. It has restored my faith in miracles. As long as there is the albino squirrel there is hope."

Alexis Puchek
Life-long College Student
San Antonio, TX
"If you thought rock pets were fun, you won't believe the excitement albino squirrels offer!"

Jeff Dietzel
Statistics Major
San Antonio, TX
"The albino squirrel is an amazing creature. It's beauty and purity can be compared to the likes of the koala and panda bear. I feel honored to share a campus with these wonderful beings."

Marissa Stein
Theatre Major
Houston, TX
"Albino Squirrels are the longhorn lucky charm."

Laura Alberici da Barbiano
Zoology Major
Trieste, Italy
"I always wanted to see a squirrel, but they are very rare in Italy. Now that I have the opportunity to see and help a minority in the squirrels' family I won't miss it!"

Norma Chaires
Geology Major
Houston, TX
"Albino squirrels deserve the same attention as other animals, they are a significant part of the UT campus."

Erin Capps
Advertising Major
Clarksville, TX
"They can be trained to box, but it's hard to get the gloves on them."

Christina Thomas
Sports Management Major
Arlington, TX
"Ever since I saw the movie Powder in seventh grade, albinos have always had a special place in my heart."

Sarah Keithly
Psychology Major
El Paso, TX
"Give me albino squirrel preservation, or give me death!"

Margaret Dawson
Physical Anthropology Major
Santa Cruz, CA
"Show your Squirrel Pride - support the campaign to designate the indigenous Albino Squirrel official UT mascot. Fiat Squirrel!"

Teresa McPike
Communications Major
San Antonio, TX
"The Albino squirrels talk to me *twitch* *twitch*"

C. Zack Gonzales
Austin, TX
"They're not eggshells."

Will Reeves
Finance Major
Wichita Falls, TX
"I saw one over by the stadium last year. That's not really a quote, but I don't know much about albino squirrels."

Gloria Bernardino
Education Major
Houston, TX
"Albino squirrels are the best thing that ever happened to me. I would puke if something bad happened to these majestic creatures."

Ryan Abbott
Disney World Major
Corpus Christi, TX
"I believe that the albino squirrel may be the missing link, and that further research may be required to validate this belief."

Melissa Morris
Liberal Arts Major
San Antonio, TX
"Every day I see big football players taking advantage of our poor albino squirrel population, and I'm here to say, "STOP IT DAMNIT!"

David M. De Leon
Philosophy Major
San Antonio, TX
"My grandma use to say 'If you keep playing with that, you'll turn into an Albino squirrel.' I guess she was right."

Emily Rabelo
Government Major
Port Arthur, Texas
"I have a dream that the albino squirrels will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their fur, but by the content of their character!"

Todd Ross Nienkerk
Psychology/RTF Major
Plano, TX
"Albinism: 8 letters, 3 syllables, one glorious future."

Malana Morrison
Undeclared Major
Waxahachie, TX
"I'm in love with squirrels, especially Albinos. If they could talk, I'm sure they'd say they love me back."

Dorothy Menton
Corpus Christi, TX
"I love them! They're too cute!!"

Angela Finney
Undeclared Major
The Woodlands, TX
"Once I saw these mean squirrels who made a car swerve off the road just for fun (on the Geico insurance commercial) and I thought...hey maybe those squirrels wouldn't have turned to such a delinquint lifestyle if they only knew they were loved and accepted. That's why I say, we must save all squirrels, albinos and non-albinos alike so we can live in a peaceful, productive society where no squirrel is judged by the color of its bushy tail, or has to turn to the miscreant lifestyle in order to be accepted... and hey seeing those lucky albinos on a test day can't be half bad either!"

Robert Stanley Davis
Undeclared Major
Beaumont, TX
"No, I'm FOR squirrels."

Amy Lavergne
Journalism Major
Cedar Park, TX
"Albino squirrels are people too!"

Amanda Young
Aerospace Engineering Major
Oak Ridge, TN
"The albino squirrel is a special's white, fusy, and has mysterious powers that we will never understand."

Rusty Knott
Marketing Major
The Woodlands, TX
"The albino squirrel is one of most underrated, beautiful creatures."

Claire Reinhold
Advertising Major
Crandall, TX
"We must strive to give back to the albino squirrels what they have given to us: laughter, entertainment and great photo opportunities!"

Ben Tillman
Computer Science Major
Houston, TX
"Squirrels rock my world!!"

Geri Vine
Psychology Major
Houston, TX
"Albino Squirrels should rule the world."

Blake Yantis
Business Management, Major
San Antonio, TX
"Elusive..., daunting...., this rare specimen known as the albino squirrel is truly an amazing sight to see, even more than the super rare zorse."

Matt Redman
RTF Major
Abilene, TX
"When I see birches bend to left and right
Across the lines of straighter darker trees,
I like to think some albino squirrel's been swinging them..."
- Adapted from "Birches" by Robert Frost

Patrick Goertz
Molecular Biology Major
Round Rock, TX
"It is astonishing that such an animal could survive urban dwelling. Squirrel friends must join together to protect the species."

Thuan Phan
Computer Science Major
Milpitas, California
"They taste better than dogs. Just kidding--I've only had regular squirrels."

Lukasz Stec
Human Bio Major
Houston, TX
"The albino squirrel should get into a fight with Pinky and The Brain because they are also albino's and we all know that there used to be tension between Albanians."

Sonia Merubia
Staff member and alumna
Austin, TX
"All these years I've worried that these beautiful little animals might be in danger because they stood out from the crowd so, I'm glad to be a part of a group that looks after their welfare."

John Watts
Mathematics Major
Pleasanton, TX
"Albino squirrels represent all that is good and pure about life, and show that it is okay and beautiful to be different."

Rachel Parrish
Plan II/English
The Woodlands, TX
"I have a dream that one day this University will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all squirrels are created equal"...I have a dream that one day the sons of albino squirrels and the sons of tannish/orangish squirrels will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood...I have a dream that albino squirrels will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today."

Kristin Michelle Smith
Nursing Major
Forestburg, TX
"Life is short. Why not live it like a squirrel?"

Katherine Brown
Journalism and English Major
The Woodlands, TX

"I've seen the bright get duller
I'm not going to spend
My life being a color
So, girl-
It don't matter if you're a brown or albino squirrel."

Michael Jackson- Black or White.

Blake Whitaker
English Major
Houston, TX
"They fill the squirrel shaped vaccuum in my soul."

Marian Loyal
Psychology Major
Houston, TX
"I see the hope of the world in the eyes of an Albino Squirrel."

Anna Tabor
Economics Major
San Antonio, TX
"God made creatures, great and small... but the albino squirrel is the best of all."

Claudia Jimenez
Biology Major
San Antonio, TX
"The more people I meet, the more I like squirrels."

Katy Polston
Mechanical Engineering/Textiles Major
Austin, TX
"The only thing rarer and greater than a Gnome is an Albino Squirrel."

James Brady Carmichael
Electrical Engineering Major
Austin, TX
"Some times you feel like a nut, sometimes you feel like two."

Chaitanya Konda
Economics Major
Beaumont, TX
"White squirrels huh? Rock on."

Emily Wileman
Human Development Major
Dallas, TX
"I'm pretty sure the albino squirrel is the perfect man. If one asked me on a date (in squirrel language) I think I'd faint."

Leigh Butcher
Geography Major
Richmond, TX
"Fight for the White."

Hope Munro Smith
Ethnomusicology Major/Staff Member
Austin, Texas
"Our albino squirrel, who lives near the LBJ fountain, is the most entertaining animal on campus!"

Briana Ronan
English/Anthropology Major
Albuquerque, NM
"There are two things in life that you can count on: death and albino squirrels, and perhaps death by albino squirrels. But that's three and we should really concentrate on the goodness of the albinos, not the evil tendencies by a small minority of their race."

Michael Hedrick
Radio/TV/Film Major
San Antonio, TX
"Albino squirrels are, in my mind, striking present day representations of German realist cinema, specifically of the 1963-1967 period. The way they scamper about and eat small pieces of food reminds me of the realist cinema's disregard for a linear narrative and substitution of a goal-bereft protagonist in place of a goal-oriented protagonist. Watching albino squirrels frolick is like watching Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow Up."

Lindsay Price (Betty)
Biology Major
Denton, TX
"I wholeheartedly believe in squirrel equality and believe that students across all campuses have the power to help squirrels of all colours in the pursuit of this endeavor."

Doyle Motes
Mechanical Engineering Major
Webster, TX
"We shall know nothing of true civilization until we look to that of the mighty squirrel."

Angelica M. Taliaferro
Mathematics Major
McAllen, TX
"You can't look an albino squirrel in the eye and say, 'I hate you, albino squirrel.' Unless your heart is cold and black."

Claire Ann Joseph
Biology/Premed Major
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
"I like them alot, cuz they are pretty."

Sarah McClelland
Nursing Major
Austin, TX
"wait for parking spot
albino squirrel spotted
not bored anymore

still eyes, flicking tail
quick fingers clutch nuts to chest
pause to hold head high

I asked the squirrel
how do you like my haiku?
no reply given

scampering away
trees pose no difficulty
sky is no limit."

Andrea Garcia
Plan II Major
Arlington, TX
"albino squirrels = joy"

Tan Nguyen
English Major
Dickinson, TX
"Upon one morning in the Garden of Eden, Adam did to God speak and ask, "O Lord, for though Thou art most mighty and gracious, yet still am I lonely here in Thy paradise given to me." And the Lord God who rules on high heard the supplication of Adam, and thus created He the albino squirrel in which much joy was there for Adam to find."

Rachel Rothermel
Anthropology Major
Brenham, TX
"Albino squirrels remind me of albino bluebonnets, in a field full of them, only the pretty white ones really stand out."

Melissa Hervey
Government Major
San Antonio, TX
"Albino Squirrels are so awesome!! Thanks to the one that hangs out by the Alumni Center, I now have an 'A' in Biology!!"

Jennifer Liang
Biology Major
Houston, TX
"Albino squirrels should have the right of way."

Maya Jadhav
Government/Religious Studies Major
Dallas, TX
"I have never seen an albino squirrel but I own an albino hedgehog and therefore we are united!"

Stephanie Sellers
Aerospace Engineering Major
Houston, TX
"My friend Jesse is an albino squirrel, and even he isn't so bad once you get to know him."

Anna Maslova
Advertising Major
Moscow, Russia
"Give a squirrel a nut and it will eat for a day. Teach a squirrel to fight for its rights, and it will eat for the rest of its life." (Russian proverb)

Joshua Jaedicke
Radio-TV-Film Major
College Station, TX
"Every squirrel dies, not every squirrel really lives."

Francesca Sutton
Editor, School of Music
Austin, TX
"I have long admired the albino squirrels on the UT campus, and hoped that they would last (not interbreed and lose their nice color, or somehow disappear), and even sometimes wished that I could take a pair home so they could start breeding in my yard and I could thus save a population of them, but I didn't want to disturb them or make them afraid by trying to trap any, so I could only hope from a distance that they would remain on campus. I occasionally go over to west mall to see if I can see any, and hand out some pecans."

Molly Wissinger
BA Music in Voice Major
Friendswood, TX
"Albino squirrels are essential to the unique character of the campus!!!!!!!!!!"

Queen of the Albino Squirrels: Sue Li
(For her tireless efforts and extreme dedication to preserving albino squirrels worldwide.)

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